Area Development

Reshaping the Sector

Creating the largest possible impact in new and upcoming markets

Reshaping tourism sector

Area Development

Creating Social, Economic, Ecological and Inspirational Value

Project Development

Concept & Brand Development

Preserving cultural heritage through storytelling

GreenDreamCompany is an experienced facilitating management company,
reshaping the leisure and tourism industry through area development,
making the largest possible impact in new and upcoming markets.
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In our projects we aim to create economical, social, ecological and inspirational value

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Our Ubuntu Philosophy

I exist because of we. Cooperation and co-creation are key to our existence

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Reshaping the tourism and leisure industry by putting our values into practice

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Our news

2017: The International Year of Sustainable Tourism!

United Nations declares 2017 as the Year of Sustainable Tourism The United Nations has declared 2017 as the year of sustainable tourism. By doing so, they underline the fact that tourism in fact can be sustainable when operated and managed in the right way. It cannot be a coincidence that precisely

A GreenDream’s perspective: the impact of going wild!

Safari Park Beekse Bergen in The Netherlands reaches the next level in creating experiences, by introducing The Safari Resort,  that is clear. With 239 lodges, safari tents and tree houses planned, the experience you get being a guest comes as close to a real African safari experience as you might

Super Achiever Award for GreenDreamCompany

CEO and co-founder of GreenDreamCompany, Leontine van Hooft, was honoured to receive a Super Achiever Award in the sector Leisure, Hospitality & Tourism at the World Women Leadership congress on the 17th of February 2017 in Mumbai, India. GreenDreamCompany is receiving the Sector Super Achiever Award in the category ‘Multi Value