A GreenDream’s perspective: the impact of going wild!

Safari resort experience

Safari Park Beekse Bergen in The Netherlands reaches the next level in creating experiences, by introducing The Safari Resort,  that is clear. With 239 lodges, safari tents and tree houses planned, the experience you get being a guest comes as close to a real African safari experience as you might expect, from a safari park situated in The Netherlands. A great possibility for those who cannot explore a real safari in Africa. A wake up call between elephants and lions is quite an experience. Also for the animals, by the way!

Safari resort experience

Libéma, owner of the Beekse Bergen announced that the expansion of the Safari park will generate at least 400 new jobs, mainly for animal care and green maintenance, but also for cleaning and catering. And that is great news for lots of local people. However, Safari Park Beekse Bergen is not the only park that contributes to social economic development.

Efteling, the most famous Dutch theme park, once started as an upgrading initiative of the mayor’s wife, from a simple playground nearby a café, to creating social economic development. She noticed lots of unemployed men and wanted to offer them something to do, but also an opportunity for a better future for their families. Nowadays Efteling is a big catalyst for socio-economic development. Even on a winter day, six hundred to seven hundred people are needed to manor the attractions and restaurants.

The importance of fun, funny business

And this goes much further than creating direct jobs. A complete industry of supporting ventures, creative industry and education programs have been developed because of this kind of leisure initiatives.

Travelling around Europa Park in Germany you can see a complete visible and lively industry in housing, hotels, Air B&B’s, etc. in all the neighbouring villages. Lots of people earn an income because of the crazy initiative of a German family, who started Europa Park, to create a demonstration showcase for their fabrication of rollercoaster’s. Imagine…!

That brought us the crazy idea….

What if, we as GreenDreamCompany, with our experience on inclusive and sustainable leisure concepts, our passion for new and upcoming markets, with our knowledge of sustainability, heritage, and storytelling and our knowledge of the African culture, would develop a huge leisure concept, meant for rural development?

On one hand it would bring extraordinary experiences and cultural knowledge to the international guests and to local and regional visitors. On the other hand it would be an impressive catalyst for social economic development. Leisure parks do have a proven track record. Implementing it on the African continent, would generate thousands of jobs….

Solomon's Hidden Treasures brandSolomon’s Hidden Treasures®

Solomon’s Hidden Treasures® is a new and multi value driven brand, developed by GreenDreamCompany, especially focussed on the African continent.  Aiming to create inspirational, economical, ecological and social value. A brand that will bring meaningful experiences to all involved.  Situated nearby capital, national parks and lakes, the brand brings African legends and amazing stories alive in a modern and trilling way. The brand contains Cultural, Natural en Nautical Experience Parks. The launch will be in Rwanda. Yes. Rwanda: The country of thousand hills and millions of smiles. Others to follow….

The mayor’s wife was not that crazy….!

Do you want to follow or journey or want to share your experience? We would love to hear from you! Or are you inspired to contribute by investing in impact? Contact Ubuntu Impact Investments  to hear about the possibilities. Are you a philanthropist, an Africa lover or interested in developments in the leisure and tourism industry? You are all invited to be part of this interesting and extraordinary journey. Follow our company on our website and to follow every step of our brand you can visit Solomon’s Hidden Treasures.

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