What are the challenges in your environment? Are you in search for socio-economic development? Is there a heritage site that needs to be revitalised? Do you want to generate impact and create meaningful experiences?

Imagine… creating a tourism or leisure concept that is telling the (hi)story of an area.

Imagine... transforming a cultural, natural or maritime heritage site into a meaningful experience (Park).

Imagine… creating jobs and social cohesion by using leisure and tourism as a driving economic force.

Imagine… preserving and revitalising nature by using education and entertainment as a mean.

Our House of Productions is a game changer in the tourism and leisure industry. Besides turn-key solutions we offer partial services to broad tourism and leisure challenges. Find out below how our expertise can help you!

We critically review and reshape the tourism and leisure sector by developing exciting and innovative leisure concepts. These concepts encompass a strong storyline tied to the heritage of an area. Supported with multimedia and arts, the branding is carried out in great detail creating the illusion of entering a different world. A futureproof leisure concept should always actively consider its environment for it to sustain. We therefore always make sure the topic of sustainability is intertwined in all we do.

We take care of the program management from the strategic phase until realisation and operation phase. Teams with the right expertise are compiled to fulfil these complex and multidisciplinary tasks. Tasks performed range from the selection of the location, preparing the master- and business plans, executing baseline assessments, coordination of the building process, developing and executing vocational training for future employees, to developing marketing and communication plans.

When managing and facilitating projects, we make sure the social context is always actively considered. We can facilitate local support and community involvement which are important for successful project development. When developing projects we take an area approach. This means that through local sourcing, the establishment of local partnerships and ventures we create a new economic heart for an area. Furthermore, with the development of vocational training tailored to local circumstances, we improve the level of service offered in the tourism and leisure industry (including our own projects).

Transforming a heritage site into an attractive tourism destination is our specialty. A heritage site has the power to tell a story in a way that words alone cannot do. By telling these stories we make sure to preserve the past, educate the present and take care of the future. We create an exciting experience by combining storytelling with the use of modern technology. This way we create an innovative bridge between what is now and what was then.

Sustainable area development involves good strategic planning, project- and program management, cultural mediation, community development, policy advise, the establishment of strategic partnerships, private sector and SME development and the offering of vocational training if desired. These activities all fall within our expertise and can be executed upon request. 

Contact us with your challenge, together we can create solutions!