Our Expertise

Our main focus is area development in both greenfield and developed sites. Our ‘crown jewel’ within greenfield development is the establishment of experience parks in new- and upcoming markets. Storytelling in combination with the offering of exciting experiences and activities form the basis of each experience park. An iconic narrator tells a local story reflecting the rich history of an area. Moreover, landscape is leading in all parks developed. 

Our expertise however reaches further than the development of these experience parks. As a facilitating management company we also assist in projects where the following expertise is needed:

  • Repurposing and revitalising of National Parks and/or Heritage Sites

  • Concept & brand development

  • Community development & social innovation

We offer partial services to these broad tourism and leisure challenges by means of program management from the strategic phase until realization and operation phase. Teams with the right expertise are compiled to fulfil the complex- and multidisciplinary tasks assigned. Tasks performed range from the selection of the location, preparing the master- and business plans, executing baseline assessments, coordination of the building process, developing and executing vocational training for future employees, multimedia & arts to developing marketing and communication plans.

Need our expertise?

Through our knowledge, partnerships and well developed network we make sure to compose the right team to successfully fulfil the tasks within our expertise. These tasks can be self-imposed or upon request. Feel free to contact us about the possibilities.