Integration works best when you are welcome

Carreer support for new arrivals

We all saw her entering three years ago as a young refugee, with a request for a language and cultural internship and on-the-job training. All of this alongside her integration program. Samira turned out to be very eager to learn and ambitious. As a respected Syrian accountant, she had the great ambition to manage the administration for Dutch companies. You might think numbers are numbers, but it works quite differently with an Islamic script. Not to mention the laws and regulations.

We started in collaboration with the Municipality of Oss and our external bookkeeper. It quickly led to a work experience placement. Step by step, everything around her was put in order. Professionally and personally.

Success story of a survivor
At the end of her work experience period, it happened: Samira had become indispensable as an accountant and as a person, and we couldn’t and didn’t want to do anything else but offer her permanent employment. And now, 2.5 years later, she leaves our team with a fully digitized and well-functioning accounting system, but also with many cultural life lessons and the extraordinary stories of a survivor.

It is our story, shared by many.
Many people in the past 15 years have picked up the thread of their lives, often with their own ambitions, through a language and cultural internship, including on-the-job training at their own level. There are many highly educated individuals with a distance to the labor market who need a new chance to find their way (again) in our society at a level that suits them. Underperforming does not bring happiness! Whether they are refugees, career reentrants, recovering from burnout, or something else, our country needs them! They bring great added value!

We are proud
We are proud to be able to provide these people with the environment, attention, professional knowledge, and self-confidence they need to soar again, just like our Samira!

Your roadmap?
It is possible to join us through our corporate GreenDreamFoundation at one of our 3 Innovation Labs. Sometimes, as in Samira’s case, it leads to permanent employment at GreenDreamCompany. We are often the first employer in their new home country. Sometimes we can help someone find a position within our network, or in the case of burnout, the person returns to their previous employer, or they choose an entirely new path. Occasionally, people remain connected to us as self-employed professionals (ZZP’ers). Sometimes it doesn’t work out, and we have to be honest about that. But almost always, people stay connected to us and each other as ambassadors through our Tribe.

We are proud to have found a like-minded partner in Werkzaak Rivierenland. Together, we can achieve more.

For more information about GreenDreamFoundation and its job vacancies, please visit our career page.

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