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Our Executive Masterclass on Theme Park Development provides you with the right knowledge on why and how to start a theme park.GreenDreamCompany Vacational Training

The construction of a cultural experience theme park will transform a (semi) rural area into a bustling, urban hotspot that has the potential of becoming a major GDP contributor! Our secret for tourism diversification and destination development lies in the inspiration from your unique cultural heritage. But, we take it a notch further: we transform your legends into hi-tech tourism attractions, creating immersive experiences using theme park development. A successful and safe theme park will make a significant impact on many levels.

Your country or area will benefit from:

  • High-value creation during the development stages;
  • Stimulation of the raw materials, manufacturing and services industries;
  • The growth of sectors like agriculture and construction;
  • Job creation and increased tourism earnings.

Why is the Executive Masterclass worth it?  

After the program, you can immediately apply what you have learnt in your consultations with private and public stakeholders. We help you understand how theme parks are developed, marketed and managed. Which business models do they use? How do they spark rural-urban transformation and GDP growth?

The Executive Masterclass on Theme Park Development is a three-day executive program taught in English. The location will be in The Netherlands.

This masterclass has been developed with more than 50 years of our experts’ collective international experiences and insights. You will visit a real-life model and some of our 20+ European partners will lecture you about:

  • Hi-tech engineering (using VR0-glasses to create lasting memories)
  • How to use storytelling to preserve your local culture
  • Property Development
  • Design & Manufacturing of Theme Parks
  • Safety & Security
  • Sales & Marketing

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    Next step – Quick Scan Survey

    A possible next step after the masterclass is a Quick Scan Survey, where we will conduct a preliminary in-country investigation to determine possible locations, meet potential stakeholders and gauge resource availability.