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Our secret for tourism diversification lies in drawing inspiration from your cultural heritage.
We take it a notch further: we transform your legends into hi-tech tourism attractions, creating immersive experiences using theme park development.

The Ubuntopia Cultural Experience Park and Residential Family Villages

Themed rides, roller-coasters, shopping and dining spots, live entertainment, 3D games, attractions and accommodation all in one place!

Construction of an cultural experience park will transform a (semi) rural area, into a bustling, urban hotspot that has the potential of becoming a major GDP contributor!

Your country or area will experience:

  • High value creation during the development stages
  • Stimulation of the raw materials, manufacturing and services industries
  • The growth of sectors like agriculture and construction
  • Job creation and increased tourism earnings

Not sure about how an Ubuntopia Park and Village can lead to GDP growth?
Take part in our Executive Masterclass on Theme Park Development in 2020 to visit a real-life model and hear from some of our 20+ European partners in:

Hi-tech engineering
Property Development
Design & Manufacturing of Theme Parks
Safety & Security
Sales & Marketing

Executive Masterclass on Theme Park Development in 2020

Visit the largest theme park in the Netherlands and one of the oldest in the world. Situated in what was once a small village, today the park and its environs are a significant GDP contributor in the Netherlands.

  • It employs over 3000 people who mainly live in its environs
  • Inspired by fairy tales, some of its attractions are made by our partners
  • It attracts over 5 million local and international visitors every year
  • Business have sprung up to cater to its visitors
  • It has attracted a broad range of investments including in infrastructure and real state

Contact us to reserve your Executive Masterclass in 2020 to the Netherlands!

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Next step: Quick Scan Survey

The next step after the masterclass is a Quick Scan Survey where we will conduct a preliminary in-country investigation to determine possible locations, meet potential stakeholders and gauge resource availability.

Examples of this can be found on