Natural- and Maritime Experience Park & Family Village on an island in Lake Kivu, Rwanda

Natural- and Maritime Experience Park Mbabara Island

In Lake Kivu, just outside Kibuye, a Natural- and Maritime  Experience Park & Residential Family Village is proposed.

Various types of watersports will be offered and visitors are welcomed to experience the natural beauty of the island through the various walking trails available.

Plan is to make it part of a 5-location Tourism Infrastructure, as described in the GreenDreamCompany master plan for Rwanda.

A thorough feasibility study proved that the project fits well under theUbuntopia® and Solomon’s Hidden Treasures® brand.

Project details :

Client: Ubuntu Impact Investments

Architects: MBVD ArchitectenMTD Landschapsarchitecten

Type of development: Greenfield

Scope of services: 

  • Location Scout
  • Quickscan
  • Leisure & Tourism Stakeholders Fieldtrip
  • Concept Development
  • Project Management

Location: Lake Kivu, Rwanda

Size: 32ha

Period: 03-2015  / 09-2015

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