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‘I exist because of We’ – Ubuntu Philosophy

Nelson Mandela once stated, ‘We are human only through the humanity of others’ with which he meant that we are all interconnected and what we do affects the whole world. Only together we can create a better world. Only together we can be meaningful. Only together we can be human. I can only exist because of we.

Ubuntu as a Business Philosophy
While working in South Africa, in the early days, the founders got familiar with the Ubuntu philosophy, recognising it in doing business all over Africa. This philosophy became the foundation of our work and team. The mantra ‘I exist because of We’ forms the core of this humanistic philosophy. It is the essence of our existence. In our in-house team, leadership, and management, but also when collaborating with other parties, we practice Ubuntu.

It means we strive to work as a close and solid community. We value unifying leadership; see diversity as a strength, and prefer open dialogues over formal meetings. We value honesty and transparency and celebrate success together. Sustainability is the focus of every project. These values always form our starting point and are written in the Ubuntu Code of Conduct.

In our core team but also in collaboration with other parties, we use the following Ubuntu values:

  • Diversity
  • Authenticity
  • Compassion
  • Sustainability
  • Harmony

Leontine van Hooft, one of our founders, publishes books and gives keynote speeches and masterclasses on Ubuntu Management. In addition, she implements it into their leadership and way of doing business. Leontine won several individual awards, and so did GreenDreamCompany. You can find more information about her on www.leontinevanhooft.nl.