In all our projects we aim to create economic, social, ecological and inspirational value.
These values are elucidated below for clarity.

  • Financial value
    Our aim is to create a lasting positive financial impact on an area through our projects and our investors.
  • Social-economical value
    With large projects within the leisure and tourism sector, we revitalise an area by making it more attractive for visitors. This boosts the local economy and increases the development of small- and medium sized businesses in the area. This includes the creation of new jobs contributing to the socio-economic development of the area. Optional, this includes capacity building.
  • Ecological value
    The goal is to contribute and create ecological value rather than to compensate for the damage caused. This is accomplished by addressing issues as biodiversity, energy- and water use. We furthermore restore landscapes and ecosystems by replanting indigenous tree species and plants.
  • Inspirational value
    The concepts we develop focus on preserving cultural heritage through storytelling and therewith offer experiences and pleasure for visitors. Moreover, we care about personal growth and our Ubuntu values of humanity and interconnectedness. We believe that stories and collective experiences make people feel connected and proud of their cultural heritage.