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We aim to create financial, social, ecological, and inspirational value in all our projects and brands.

    • Financial value
      We aim to create a lasting positive financial impact on an area and product lines through our projects, investors and partners.
    • Social-economical value
      With our area developments, meaningful brands and fair products, we boost the local economy and increase the growth of small- and medium-sized businesses. It includes the creation of new jobs and fair and safe working conditions.
    • Ecological value
      The goal is to contribute and create ecological value rather than compensate for the damage caused. This is accomplished by addressing issues such as biodiversity, energy- and water use and the choice of sustainable materials.
    • Inspirational value
      We develop concepts with a focus on preserving cultural heritage through the art of storytelling. Moreover, we care about personal growth and the search for identity. We believe that stories and collective experiences make people feel connected and proud of their cultural heritage.

The common thread lies in the Ubuntu Philosophy.