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Project Description

Leisure, hospitality and tourism industry  are responsible for most of the gross national product of upcoming markets. Generating many jobs, skilled and unskilled , it makes people able to look with different eyes, being proud on their environment.  And of course, investments in hospitality and real estate brings big opportunities for investors.
This is why we, at GreenDreamCompany, have developed Experience Parks.

We believe in making the largest posible impact in new and upcoming markets.

Beside the general impact as mentioned aboove, the infrastructure needed for our Experience Parks can be used by local inhabitants so economy will increase as well as value of land and houses.
We restore and/or improve natural values by planting indeginous trees and species, including landscaping, preventing erosion, etc..
Last but not least the inspirational ampact will be huge because we make a showcase of the local and cultural stories.

Watch our video to notice the impact of Experience Parks.

Interested in an Experience Park in your region or country?

The Experience parks are scalable, the concept adapts to any region or country, telling a cultural story in a pleasant and natural setting. For clients this means the oportunity to tell the local stories, for investors this means optimal risk adjusted returns for investors when seeking mid or long-term capital investments.

Interested to partner and/or invest in an Experience Park?

Our ideal partner/investor knows Africa. He knows Africa has it’s challenges but also has it’s booming economies .
He/she wants to be part of the opportunities that comes with it. A global orientated, colourful person or company, willing to share his or her network.  Our ideal investor has a business approach but is dedicated to these ventures; understanding that investing in assets, people, education and nature is part of the deal. He/she must appreciate a sense of belonging.

Find more partner information about the projects on:

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Or contact mr. Leon van Rijckevorsel  on+31 51569622.



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