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Natural Experience Park & Family Village, Akagera Game Lodge

Project Description

At the border of Akagera National Park, Rwana, a Natural Experience Park & Residential Family Village is proposed.

Plan is to make it part of a 5-location Tourism Infrastructure, as described in the GreenDreamCompany master plan for Rwanda.

The feasibility proved that the project fits well under theUbuntopia® and Solomon’s Hidden Treasures® brands.

Project details:

Client: Ubuntu Impact Investments

Architects: BroekBakema Architecten & MTD Landschapsarchitecten

Scope of services:

  • Location Scout
  • Quickscan
  • Leisure & Tourism Stakeholders Fieldtrip
  • Concept Development
  • Project Management

Location: Kayonza District, Rwanda

Size: To be determined

Period: 03-2015  /  09-2015