A new collaboration Pendo Bags x Ubuntopia

A new collaboration Pendo Bags x Ubuntopia

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Project Description

GreenDreamCompany’s flagship brand Ubuntopia is proud to announce a new collaboration: Pendo Bags x Ubuntopia
Designed and produced by Pendo Bags, all of the Ubuntopia bags are handmade from bright African fabrics. The collection consists of weekend bags, tote bags and make-up cases. The organisation trains local tailors in the making of creative products, and helps the women in their network to build their self-confidence, self-esteem and independence.
The bags from Pendo Bags x Ubuntopia are unique, sturdy and perfect for daily use. With your purchase, both you and the Pendo bags women can shine!
Check out our Ubuntopia shop to see all the beautiful African bags.

The Kenyan women of the projects of Pendo Bags