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Real estate can be a safe and stable investment within an area of development and preferably one of the backbones of the whole company.

Real estate can play a major role in a company’s continuity and be a business model on itself.

The office building of GreenDreamCompany is exemplary for this way of thinking: the monument from the Philips Family called “The Unicorn”. Bought as a bank building, we immediately split it into two parts and sold one part. After renovating our part, we gave it our creative GreenDreamCompany “touch” and made it a workplace for our team members and professionals in the Leisure & Tourism Industry. On the ground floor, you can find the flagship store of our Ubuntopia® brand.

The result is a unique and vibrant working environment. The value of the property more than doubled.

In the case of area development, we always look at the same kind of synergy: how can the different parts or projects reinforce each other, making the result more than the sum of the parts?

You can find our broad portfolio of current and past projects with different roles and project sizes here.