Our approach


In a world of exclusion, we dream of becoming the leader of inclusive edutainment brands and cultural experience parks. Together we can create a more tolerant society, take social responsibility and have a deeper understanding of our heritage and the world around us.


Our inclusive production house is committed to creating high-quality content and projects for meaningful brands with ecological, economical, social, historical and inspirational impact. We aim to reshape the edutainment and tourism industry by putting our values into practice through cooperation, co-creation and providing our services.


We’ve crafted our business model over time, called the Nautilus Model. It’s based on the spiral shape of a Nautilus shell, starting with a character at the core that expands into a storyline, which can then be adapted into a book, series, theatrical production, game, theme park attraction, and beyond. We produce all content in-house or in co-production, which we distribute globally. All our brands are currently available for licensing.

Our Nautilus Business Model includes several phases, each building on the last: Publishing Content, Creating Books, Series, Films and Video Content, Online Content, Music, Shows, Merchandise & Licensing, Theme Park & Franchising, Hospitality Education, Area Development and Destination Marketing.

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