About Us

At GreenDreamCompany, we have a dream – a dream to bridge gaps, challenge norms, and bring about transformation. We are committed to creating cultural edutainment brands, such as our flagship brand, Ubuntopia®, which does more than entertain.

In this complex world, we dare to ask – “Why not?” Why not change our perspective? Why not search for answers collectively? Our brands are a response to the big dilemmas of the modern world, and we deliver meaningful experiences that provoke thought, foster learning, and generate a lasting impact.

What We Do

We impart cultural knowledge through the rhythm of entertainment and provide experiences through our IP characters’ perspectives. We breathe life into stories, illuminating them with intrinsic values, traditions, and customs from diverse cultures around the world. At GreenDreamCompany, we explore the unsaid and the untold, the renowned and the forgotten, the celebrated, and the overlooked.

Together with our partners and licensees, we create unifying experiences that transcend boundaries and foster empathy and understanding. Our content, be it in the form of books, films, theatre productions or merchandise, is a testament to the beauty of diversity and the power of unity. We bridge the gaps between cultures, and connect people through the shared language of edutainment.

Our Company Philosophy

At the core of our essence and the blueprint of our cultural edutainment brands, lies the profound and inspiring Ubuntu philosophy. This ancient African concept emphasizes the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity.

“I am, because We are and the Planet is” – this powerful statement is not just a motto but the heartbeat of how we operate and interact with the world. It informs our decision-making processes, fosters a collaborative and inclusive work environment, and shapes the meaningful experiences we create.

Our commitment to the principles of Ubuntu reflects our dedication to making a positive impact, promoting unity, and celebrating our shared human experience through every story we tell and every project we undertake. We follow the Ubuntu Code of Conduct as part of our commitment to the Ubuntu philosophy.

Our Team of Global Citizens 

Behind GreenDreamCompany stands a colourful diverse team – a distinctive blend of individuals varying in age, gender, profession, and wind direction, as well as being inclusive to those who have a distance to the labor market. This is a team where passion, adventure, experience, and diversity converge. It is this amalgamation that forms our strength. We are a close-knit team, and we value creating a home-far-away-from-home feeling.

‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go further. Go together.
~ African proverb

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