Yungo and Anansi®

Yungo and Anansi®

Yungo and Anansi® operates under the Nautilus Growth Model. We produce all content in-house or in co-production, which we distribute globally. Yungo and Anansi is currently available for licensing.

Yungo and Anansi® is an exciting sub-brand of Ubuntopia®, targeting an audience of children aged 3 and up.

This sub-brand focuses on teaching young kids life lessons inspired by the Ubuntu philosophy, nurturing values such as empathy, respect, and community spirit from an early age.

One such important lesson is understanding the consequences of teasing and bullying behavior. Through this, children learn to empathize with the struggles of others, fostering a greater sense of compassion and kindness.

An Introduction to the Characters

Anansi, the sly spider

Meet Anansi, the sly spider. He is based on the folktale character originating from Caribbean and West African cultures. As a trickster figure, half spider, half man, Anansi is known for his wit, cunning, and ability to outsmart even more powerful beings. He often finds himself in challenging situations and relies on his cleverness to escape trouble. Anansi has weaved a web of stories that dance with mischief and wisdom. His cleverness knows no bounds.

Yungo, the colourful bird

Yungo, the enigmatic and strange bird who adores kiwis. The bird can change colors based on its emotions. Like Yungo’s friends, Yungo is repeatedly being victimized by Anansi.

Anansi has a remarkable relationship with Yungo. At times, they are great friends. However, their friendship can be challenging. Anansi enjoys teasing Yungo and his friends.

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