Area Development


Creating the largest possible impact in new and upcoming markets


People creating sparks together that can ignite a fire

Reshaping tourism sector


Grow your business by growing your people

Project Development


Concept & Brand Development

Creating magical, meaningful, educational and entertaining content

GreenDreamCompany connects and inspires people by sharing stories, creating brands and designing overwhelming experiences towards kids, parents, families, and friends. We are reshaping the tourism and family entertainment sector through innovative (area) developments, making the largest possible impact in emerging markets.


In our projects we aim to create economical, social, ecological and inspirational value

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Our Ubuntu Philosophy

I exist because of we. Cooperation and co-creation are key to our existence

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Reshaping the tourism and leisure industry by putting our values into practice

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Latest news

Let me tell you a story about the Griot and the Rapper

Everywhere in the world, you find oral culture, and specifically, oral storytelling getting lost. But with changing of times, shifting populations and the rise of digital entertainment: Who will continue to weave these stories around the fireside, and who will be there to listen? And if there are willing listeners,