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We develop and manage worldwide cultural area developments in the leisure and tourism sector from idea to design, realisation and exploitation based on your wishes.

We transform the country’s cultural heritage, like legends, traditions and history, into hi-tech tourism attractions with an overall package of theming, captivating storytelling and immersive experiences. Together we preserve cultural heritage from dying out and keep them alive in a future-proof way that touches the current and next generations.

With such a park or attraction, inhabitants learn more about their country; tourists gain knowledge about the country they visit, and the diaspora discovers their roots and cultural identity.

We do this with respect for people, culture and nature.


In our projects we aim to create economical, social, ecological and inspirational value

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Our Ubuntu Philosophy

I exist because of we. Cooperation and co-creation are key to our existence

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Reshaping the tourism and leisure industry by putting our values into practice

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Why a Country Should Build a Cultural Experience Park

In today’s world, cultural experience parks are becoming more popular. From theme parks to open-air museums and educational centers, having a vibrant cultural experience park can bring great economic benefits to the country. It is important for all kind of stakeholders to understand why they should be investing in building and maintaining a cultural experience park.