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Why a Country Should Build a Cultural Experience Park

In today’s world, cultural experience parks are becoming more popular. From theme parks to open-air museums and educational centers, having a vibrant cultural experience park can bring great economic benefits to the country. It is important for all kind of stakeholders to understand why they should be investing in building and maintaining a cultural experience park.

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Ubuntopia® Game Pitch to Studios and Publishers at African – European Games co-production Market

Latest news from our Ubuntopia® brand: Yesterday we had the opportunity to pitch our Ubuntopia Game presentation to African and European game studios and publishers organized by Spielfabrique. They received our pitch very well, and we are now investigating the next steps. Ubuntopia is full of exciting legends from faraway countries told
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Re-developing a former “Patricion mansion” into 5 monumental apartments +++ 3 ALREADY SOLD, 2 STILL AVAILABLE +++

GreenDreamCompany is re-developing the monumental mansion “5 Patriciërs” in the historical city center of Tiel, The Netherlands. This 18th century city mansion is build in Rococo style and has a rich history. Five luxury apartments are being established and sold to private owners. For further sales information see: Temporarily the building
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