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GreenDreamCompany’s flagship brand Ubuntopia is proud to announce a new childrens book release: Yungo and Anansi – The Search for the Missing Kiwi (3+).

It is 10 o’clock!
Yungo, the strange bird, is hungry. But Anansi the sly spider has run off with its basket of kiwis! Yungo asks you, the reader or narrator, and the animals in the Forest for help.

Yungo changes its colour depending on how it feels: green when happy, yellow when sad, dark blue when angry and light purple when it is afraid.

An adventurous and funny story about sharing, forgiveness and friendship.

About Anansi the Spider

There are many stories about Anansi the Spider. Almost all of them come from Ghana, a country in West Africa. A long time ago, many people from Ghana were forced to leave their country and families behind, to work as slaves in foreign lands. They could not take anything with them except their stories. This is how they taught their children the difference between good and evil in a fun way. These stories also lifted their spirits.

Anansi is a lazy, cunning spider. He mainly thinks about himself and hardly ever prepares his food. Instead, he prefers to steal the food prepared by others. How does he do it? Well, he comes up with a clever trick each time. But what if, like Yungo, you always have to watch out for Anansi’s jokes? It is not fun, right? So how would you respond to Anansi’s jokes, and how can you restore your friendship with him?

This book does not focus on the character, nor the old stories, of Anansi the Spider. But it allows the reader and narrator to experience good and evil from the other side through humour.

This childrens book is available in Dutch and English on the Ubuntopia webshop.

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