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There are stories longing to be told…

Welcome to the mystical world of Ubuntopia, buzzing with exciting adventures and ancient legends. Balla and Aimée are ready to take you on unforgettable journeys!

Together with Balla, Aimée, and their friends, we dive into dense jungles, high mountains, and unravel ancient legends and stories brimming with wisdom and mystery. These are almost lost and endangered legends from many cultures, from the farthest corners of the world.

In the enchanting world of Ubuntopia, these legends have finally found a safe haven. This was never guaranteed; stories, much like people, can sometimes lose their way and then might vanish into the deep, cold chill of the fog.

So, adventurer, put on your hat, grab your backpack, and get ready to travel with Balla and Aimée to help bring the legends and stories to Ubuntopia! But also be prepared for danger – the fog is always lurking!

Are you ready?


In the World of Ubuntopia, Legends and Stories Come Alive

Drawing from our intellectual property (IP) characters and the rich well of cultural stories, we create a diverse range of expressions, to generate as many touch points as possible. Based on our Nautilus Growth Model, we produce colourful books, immersive theatre productions, captivating animations, engaging social media content, and educational modules, all fusing learning with entertainment.

Conscious of our responsibility to the environment, we also offer sustainable branded merchandise. All our initiatives celebrate our heritage through innovative storytelling.

‘Ubuntopia is not simply a destination; it is a state of mind.’
Leontine van Hooft, fouder of Ubuntopia®

Why Ubuntopia Was Born

In a world tangled in confusion and divided by polarization, where generations stand worlds apart and social cohesion falters, the need for positive role models and examples has become more crucial than ever.

These guids are needed in assisting our youth as they navigate the complex process of shaping their identities amidst the chaos. Emerging from this dire need is a concept born out of a deep desire to bridge the gap between the ever-evolving digital age and the deep-rooted traditions that define cultures around the globe.

This brand seeks not only to safeguard and celebrate the vast array of cultural stories and legends but also aims to introduce them to a global audience in a meaningful, educative and entertaining manner. In doing so, we hope with Ubuntopia to kindle a sense of unity and understanding across the countless divides that fragment our contemporary society.

Celebrating Cultural Diversity:
  • Create a world where every culture and person is valued and diversity is embraced.
  • Foster inclusion to unite the global community in harmony.
Connecting Generations:
  • Merge traditional wisdom with youthful insights to build a generational knowledge tapestry.
  • Encourage self-discovery to understand our roots, identities, directions and contributions in an interconnected world.
Preserving and Conserving Cultural Heritage:
  • Preserving cultural heritage to prevent them from fading into oblivion.
  • Enabling cultural exchange and mutual understanding promotes global harmony and peaceful coexistence.
Promoting Sustainability:
  • Opt for products made from sustainable materials and created in fair working conditions.
  • Work together for a sustainable future.
By the Magic of Edutainment:
  • Learning should be both fun and an enriching experience for all generations. We combine education and entertainment to make learning engaging for all ages.
  • Spark curiosity and foster knowledge appreciation.

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