We License

We warmly invite businesses, creators, individuals, and institutions who align with our values to explore the exciting possibilities of licensing our Intellectual Property (IP) from our esteemed cultural family edutainment brands.

Our remarkable collection of characters, stories, and educational and entertaining content showcases cultural heritage and values, captivating children and families worldwide. Join us in celebrating and embracing these cherished aspects of our diverse global community.

Why Choose to Partner with Us?

Experience the countless advantages of collaborating with our esteemed organisation. Here’s why licensing our Intellectual Property (IP) can be a valuable decision for your organisation:

  • Unparalleled Reach
    Our captivating content captivates a wide-ranging global audience, providing a powerful blend of entertainment and education.
  • Strong Brand Identity
    Leverage the prestige and recognition of our well-established IP to enhance the appeal of your products, forging a connection that families worldwide trust and adore.
  • Dynamic Diversity
    From enchanting books to interactive social media content, our extensive portfolio offers a diverse range of captivating materials suited for various platforms and products.

Licensing Opportunities

Sustainable Merchandise Licensing

Extend our IP into sustainable toys, apparel, home goods, and more. Our characters and designs can transform your merchandise line-up.

Promotional Partnerships

Collaborate on marketing campaigns, cross-promotions, and sponsorships to mutually enhance brand visibility.

Educational Resources

Utilise our IP to create or complement educational material that is both engaging and informative.

Digital Content

License our brands digital assets for use in apps, streaming services, or online educational platforms.

Live Events and Performances

Host live shows, character meet-and-greets, and interactive experiences that inspire and delight audiences.

Cultural Experience Parks and Attractions

Bring our brands to life with cultural theme park attractions, exhibits, or branded areas within existing venues.

How Licensing Works

Step 1. Inquiry
Contact us to express your interest in licensing opportunities. Please provide details about your company and how you wish to incorporate our IP.
Step 2. Evaluation
Our team will review your proposal and assess the fit within our brand strategy and values.
Step 3. Agreement
Once we have mutually agreed to terms, we will work with you to draft a licensing agreement that outlines roles, responsibilities, and financial arrangements.
Step 4. Launch
With the agreement signed, we’ll work closely with you to ensure a successful launch of the licensed product or experience.
Step 5. Support
Our team will provide continuous support to ensure that the integrity of our IP is maintained and to assist in marketing efforts.

Please note that all IP rights are protected, and any use of our IP requires a formal licensing agreement.

Get Started

We’re excited to explore how we can work together to expand the reach of our cultural family edutainment brands within your audience. If you’re ready to license our IP or want to learn more, please contact us at info@greendreamcompany.com or fill in our licensing inquiry form on this page.

Together, let’s enrich the lives of families around the world with cultural richness and boundless entertainment.

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