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Vacancy: Experienced Licence & Sales Manager Ubuntopia®

Through innovative and creative area and destination development, we connect and inspire people and companies in the tourism and family entertainment industry. Our goal is to make the greatest possible impact in new and upcoming markets.

With our brands, we share cultural stories and design magical experiences for children, parents, families, and friends.

GreenDreamCompany is looking for a passionate License & Sales Manager for further development of its young brand Ubuntopia®. Someone who wants to make a difference. The preferred candidate should at least have three to five years of experience in media & family entertainment or related industry on an international level. An intuitive and hands-on license and sales professional focused on long-term brand growth for all categories, merchandise, games, films, etc. You will identify potential licensees for brand-related products, negotiate and make the deals and manage designed licenses in a very responsible way. Since this is a young brand we are in search of hands on professional who can think big but can also act small.


  • For this young inclusive A-brand you will make the product line plans, sales plans, and performance analyses following the business road map, the companies values and it’s inclusive business model.
  • You will establish brand alliances and sales lines around characters & productions, like merchandise, games, movies, audio, and music.
  • Day-to-day essential duties include reviewing, negotiating, advising, and drafting contracts.
  • As the account manager, you will build up long-term and effective relationships with our (potential) licensees. While serving the benefits of the brand, we expect you to offer the best-in-class service for the licensees.
  • You will support the management in establishing and expanding its brand portfolio in a variety of ways.


  • A track record in delivering a collaborative licensing strategy
  • Knowledge of the family entertainment industry
  • A developed and active network of licensing within or connected to the family entertainment industry
  • Should have experience in consumer marketing or media sales.
  • Excellent oral and written communications skills in at least English and Dutch.

As a person:

  • A pioneer mentality and energy, eager to be part of the development of a meaningful brand.
  • A person who is willing to go that extra mile.
  • A team player with process project management, and time management skills.
  • A self-motivated person who can bring and share the enthusiasm
  • Confident presenter, inside driven approach, and ability to use initiative
  • Strong creativity and commercial awareness
  • A passion for culture and nature


  • Work experience within upcoming markets
  • We challenge international diasporas also to submit.

Company culture

We believe that diversity is our biggest force. It develops creativity and enables personal and professional growth. We believe in an open culture where the pursuit of happiness must be reached for all, clients, relations, and our team.  We believe in Ubuntu philosophy.


The headquarters of GreenDreamcompany is situated in Zaltbommel, The Netherlands. We are very experienced in hybrid working. However, we prefer candidates living in The Netherlands already.


Feel free to call Leon van Rijckevorsel, director of Finance, Values, and Control. for more detailed information (0418 517435)  or write your motivational letter including  C.V. directly at

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Re-developing a former “Patricion mansion” into 5 monumental apartments +++ 3 ALREADY SOLD, 2 STILL AVAILABLE +++

GreenDreamCompany is re-developing the monumental mansion “5 Patriciërs” in the historical city center of Tiel, The Netherlands. This 18th century city mansion is build in Rococo style and has a rich history. Five luxury apartments are being established and sold to private owners.

For further sales information see:

Temporarily the building is hired by Ubuntu Impact Investments BV, during the development period.

Project details:

Client: For Sale

Type of development: Re-use

Scope of services: 

  • Location Scout
  • Quick scan
  • Feasibility Study
  • Buying the building
  • Concept Development
  • Project Management
  • Property Management
  • Splitting into appartments
  • Sales of apartments
  • Organizing Building Permits
  • Supervision Building Phase
  • Customer satisfaction

Location: Ambtmanstraat 9, Tiel (NL)

Size: 785 m2

Period: March 2020  –  up to date

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A new childrens book release: Yungo and Anansi – The Search for the Missing Kiwi (3+) – Ubuntopia

GreenDreamCompany’s flagship brand Ubuntopia is proud to announce a new childrens book release: Yungo and Anansi – The Search for the Missing Kiwi (3+).

It is 10 o’clock!
Yungo, the strange bird, is hungry. But Anansi the sly spider has run off with its basket of kiwis! Yungo asks you, the reader or narrator, and the animals in the Forest for help.

Yungo changes its colour depending on how it feels: green when happy, yellow when sad, dark blue when angry and light purple when it is afraid.

An adventurous and funny story about sharing, forgiveness and friendship.

About Anansi the Spider

There are many stories about Anansi the Spider. Almost all of them come from Ghana, a country in West Africa. A long time ago, many people from Ghana were forced to leave their country and families behind, to work as slaves in foreign lands. They could not take anything with them except their stories. This is how they taught their children the difference between good and evil in a fun way. These stories also lifted their spirits.

Anansi is a lazy, cunning spider. He mainly thinks about himself and hardly ever prepares his food. Instead, he prefers to steal the food prepared by others. How does he do it? Well, he comes up with a clever trick each time. But what if, like Yungo, you always have to watch out for Anansi’s jokes? It is not fun, right? So how would you respond to Anansi’s jokes, and how can you restore your friendship with him?

This book does not focus on the character, nor the old stories, of Anansi the Spider. But it allows the reader and narrator to experience good and evil from the other side through humour.

This childrens book is available in Dutch and English on the Ubuntopia webshop.

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5th and revised version of The Power of African Thinking – Leontine van Hooft

GreenDreamCompany’s brand Leontine van Hooft is proud to announce the 5th and revised version of the management book The Power of African Thinking.

With the foreword written by former Dutch politician and bestselling author Jan Terlouw, this book introduces you to a different way of living and working in line with this rapidly changing world.

‘The power of African thinking’ introduces you to one of Africa’s oldest wisdoms: the humanistic philosophy Ubuntu, ‘I am because We are’. An originally tribal philosophy that assumes that humanity comes into its own community.

Formed by Ubuntu, Africa is working hard on a solid SME and is connecting at a global level. With charismatic leaders such as Nelson Mandela, Kofi Annan, Desmond Tutu, Ellen Sirleaf and Barack Obama at the forefront.

A book not only inspiring for managers, leaders and entrepreneurs, but also for people who are looking for a different way of living and working.

“The mindset that Ubuntu represents affects all aspects of society. Connecting leadership and a new world. This book shows how it can be done differently. Well worth a read.” – Jan Terlouw, on ‘The Power of African thinking’.

This book is available in Dutch at Bol, Amazon and the webshop of Ubuntopia.

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Reserve your spot for the 2021 Executive Masterclass “Theme Park Development”

In 2020 tourism executives are invited to participate in this Executive Master Class on Theme Park Development. The secret for tourism diversification lies in drawing inspiration from your cultural heritage. But we take it a step further: we transform your legends into hi-tech tourism attractions, creating immersive experiences and developing rural area’s.

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Tourism as a Force for Political Stability

While there is substantial literature investigating the economic benefits of tourism for countries, less literature delves into the political benefits of tourism.

In this paper, published by UNWTO, the authors investigate the issue of political conflict and the theoretical reasons that it is believed that tourism should lead to peacebuilding and political stability. Then, the authors deal with several case studies in which tourism has played a role or could play a role in political stability or peacebuilding. The authors illustrate via examples (Cyprus, Korea, and Ireland) that there are situations in which tourism has played a role or could play a role in supporting political cooperation and supporting political stability. The authors conclude, illustrating general observations regarding the relationship between tourism and political stability and the related concept of peacebuilding.

In addition, the authors make comments regarding what concrete and practical measures countries can take in order to utilize the engine of tourism for the purposes of bolstering political stability and encouraging the building of peace both within and between societies.

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Why you should Invest with Impact in an Experience Park

Our passionate curiosity about other cultures led us to Africa.  Certainly, there is poverty, but there is also something else: hope, passion and ambition, a very rich culture and … lot’s of business opportunities!

Leisure, hospitality and tourism industry are responsible for most of the gross national product of these upcoming markets. It’s the first sector that opens the window to the world and it creates a wind of change. Not only in the capital city, but also in rural areas.  Generating many jobs, skilled and unskilled , it makes people able to look with different eyes, being proud on their environment.  And of course, investments in hospitality and real estate brings big opportunities for investors.
This is why we, at GreenDreamCompany, have developed the product of Experience Parks.
At GreenDreamCompany we believe in making the largest possible impact in new and upcoming markets.

Please watch this video to get a feeling on how we want to make a difference.

Interested in investing with impact?

The Experience Parks are scalable, the concept adapts to any country: telling the legends and cultural stories, showing the highlights of the region in a pleasant and natural setting. Through government commitment and finding optimum cooperation with local stakeholders, this means lower risk and an interesting ROI for investors who are seeking mid- or longterm capital investments.

Our ideal investor knows Africa! He or she knows Africa has it’s challenges but also has a booming economy.
He or she want to be part of the opportunities that comes with it. A global orientated, colourful person or company, willing to share his network.  Our ideal investor has a business approach but is dedicated to these ventures. He or she understands that investing in people and nature is part of the deal. He/she must appreciate a sense of belonging.

Technical information about our projects:

Financial information about the investment propositions:

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