Resortainment: Boost your hotel business!

Adding entertainment offerings can boost your business. This is what “resortainment” is all about.

Léon van Rijckevorsel – CEO GreenDreamCompany

A major European hotel operator and a entertainment company are starting two new projects that will add theme park attractions and other entertainment to resort properties. In this way the projects are developed with multiple value chains, making the destination even more attractive to multiple target groups.
During the pandemic businesses had to deal with a mix up of private and business activities. Prolonging this to hotels and resorts means you make your project an attractive destination, suitable for working and entertainment.  This is what the hospitality industry calls “resortainment.”  

We believe destinations need to transform themselves,” says CEO Léon van Rijckevorsel of GreenDreamCompany. “You need to create new offerings for the guests based on their travel habits.”

Leisure travel grew last year after Covid-19 and people rushed to embark on delayed vacations. New entertainment offerings will persuade guests to stay longer and spend more at your destination.

How to transform a hotel into an experience you like to stay

Hotels and resorts constrained by space from building additional attractions are opening rooftop bars and joining forces with local businesses such as breweries or farms. A pool area can be transformed into wellness area offering healthy food and drinks, work out equipment or sauna.  

In Mallorca, Spain, Meliá Hotels’ room occupancy and rates increased after it merged with the Katmandu theme park, offering attractions such as waterslides and interactive 4D-theaters with moving seats. Making the hotel and theme park a desired destination for different guests.
Future plans include an entertainment complex featuring retail shops, dining and attractions targeted to different age groups.  The Curiosity Playground, for example, will include interactive experiences branded with popular children’s shows and edutainment themes. 
Focus on the total destination experience, a reason to come and stay, instead of  individual amenities will ask for cooperation with other partners in the value chain, but can be very profitable and will boost your business.

Article inspired Wall street Journal :

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