Ugandan ministerial delegation visits GreenDreamCompany

Last week, a Ugandan delegation, led by the Ugandan Minister of Tourism, Nature and Antiquities, Excellency Martin Mugarra Bahinduka, Ambassador Benelux and EU Mirjam Blaak, went on a study trip to the Netherlands.

Uganda is known for its beautiful nature, wildlife parks and remarkable cultural heritage. Foreign tourists are the primary source of income. But that seems to be changing. Due to the virus, the travel industry in Uganda has changed drastically. There are fewer foreign tourists, but domestic tourism is growing enormously.

Uganda has a young population with a need for employment and an older generation who are eager to pass on the stories and legends of the country. In addition, Uganda also has a growing middle class that needs recreation. This means that, besides safaris, other types of day trips must be created considering all these aspects.

Uganda reached out to GreenDreamCompany, a Dutch company specialising in cultural family edutainment (educational entertainment) and the development of Cultural Experience Parks®. Together with the Ugandan delegation, they made a working visit to the theme park the Efteling to let them experience how you can tell a story or legend through attractions. Storytelling through attractions is an exciting way that appeals to different age groups and connects generations. The delegation also visited GreenDreamCompany’s office to discuss the possibilities and next steps of this tourist development for Uganda.

It is admirable that an emerging country such as Uganda can switch so quickly and resiliently after the virus and start forging new paths.

Welcoming the Ugandan ministrial delegation at GreenDreamCompany's office
Welcoming the Ugandan ministrial delegation at the first floor of GreenDreamCompany’s office.
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