Welcome to Ubuntopia®

Ubuntopia is about creating family edutainment and happiness, about sharing cultural stories and undergoing overwhelming experiences together.

Ubuntopia contains several business segments to create one strong and powerful brand.
These segments are:

  • House of Creations
  • Cultural Experience Parks & Family Villages
  • Marketing, Sales & Merchandise

These are the tangible segments, but there is much more. We do this through great storytelling. We give our guests the feeling that they are part of the wonderful World of Ubuntopia where they will learn and discover the rich history, myths, and legends of the African continent in an edutainment way.

This innovative brand is born to protect old (oral) legends and stories for getting lost and to create, at the same time, new adventures and the memories of tomorrow. Ubuntopia is developed with respect to history and cultural values, to fulfill the demands of new and upcoming markets.

Ubuntopia® is a franchise brand and a ‘a value-driven brand’ which means the values: financial, ecological, socio-economical, and inspirational sustainability strive to be in perfect harmony.

Are you interested in becoming an Ubuntopia® Park of Ubuntopi® Family Village?
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More information about the brand Ubuntopia can be found on the website www.ubuntopia.world or on www.ubuntopia.shop.

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