Program for Young Tourism Entrepreneurs – The Netherlands / Croatia / Slovenia

Croatia tourist development

From Vocational Training to Succes (VOTTS)

In collaboration with the Province of Gelderland, Veluws bureau for tourism, Tourism Department Karlovac, University of Maribor, Allianta Sustainable Consultants Slovenia, we developed a complete set of online vocational training modules for young entrepreneurs in the tourism sector in new- and upcoming markets.

During the project, project partners aimed to find a solution to the problem of bridging the gap between vocational education and the labour market and strove to find methods to improve vocational education and training. As the final deliverables of the VOTTS project, 10 training modules for young entrepreneurs in the tourism sector were developed including the topics of:

  1. Storytelling
  2. Business models
  3. Networking, marketing, communication
  4. Verbal and non-verbal communication
  5. Social media for tourism
  6. IT: understanding trends in tourism
  7. Organisational skills: a practical approach to organising an event
  8. Sociology of tourism: critical thinking
  9. Self-analysis and elevator pitch
  10. Coaching instead of teaching

Project details:

Client: European Union

Scope of services:

  • Project & Program Management
  • Educational services
  • Capacity Building

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia, Karlovac, Croatia, The Hague, the Netherlands

Size: 10 Modules

Period: 01-2013  –  12-2015

This project was executed by GreenDreamAcademy 

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