Area and Destination Development

What are the challenges in your area? Are you looking for socio-economic development?

We support and inspire people and businesses in the hospitality, tourism and family entertainment industry with an innovative and creative area- and destination development. Our goal is to make the largest, positive impact possible on people in an area.

Imagine… creating a tourism or leisure concept that tells the (hi)story of an area.

Imagine… creating jobs and social cohesion by using leisure and tourism as an economic driving force.

Imagine… preserving and revitalising nature by using education and entertainment as a means.

Imagine... transforming a cultural, natural or tourism heritage site into a meaningful experience (Park).

Our constructions will transform a (semi) rural area or a leisure and tourism site such as a hotel and zoo expansion, playground or day attraction into a bustling, urban hotspot. With our Cultural Experience Parks, we preserve the past, educate the present and take care of the future with respect for people, nature and culture. It has the potential to become a significant GDP contributor!

Contact us with your challenge, together we can make impact!

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