GreenDreamFoundation rewarded for Leadership

With dignity and pride our corporate foundation  received the Global NGO Leadership & Excellence award.

With Community Building as part of her core values and as incubator of innovative ideas, GreenDreamFoundation develops tourism labs that may grow into independently operating organisations.

Community building, managing diversity, welfare and community development in emerging markets, are at the heart of GreenDreamFoundation. These basic core values are grouped in specific Community Building Programmes. It is this “core business” through which GreenDreamFoundation operates in the Netherlands by creating employment, not only for paid staff but also for people with a distance to the labor market, for students and for volunteers

GreenDreamFoundation acts as an incubator of innovative ideas: new tourism development labs may arise, depending on the needs, along the journey to reach the destination. In the same way the nautilus animal creates new chambers as it matures, GreenDreamFoundation creates new labs where they arise autonomous but co-exist in interdependence.

The core, the existing labs and the emerging labs form a harmonious balance between being and becoming, of Ubu and Ntu: our moral compass Ubuntu.

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