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The story of your area

Create a tourism or leisure concept that is telling the (hi)story of an area.

Strategic Partnerships

As the African proverb tells us, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.
GreenDreamCompany offers strategic partnerships to all organisations that share the same values and goals.

Concept and Brand development

GreenDreamCompany critically review and reshape the tourism and leisure sector by developing exciting and innovative leisure concepts. These concepts encompass a strong storyline tied to the heritage of an area. Supported with multimedia and arts, the branding is carried out in great detail creating the illusion of entering a different world. A futureproof leisure concept should always actively consider its environment for it to sustain. We therefore always make sure the topic of sustainability is intertwined in all we do.

Program management

We take care of the program management from the strategic phase until realisation and operation phase. Teams with the right expertise are compiled to fulfil these complex and multidisciplinary tasks. Tasks performed range from the selection of the location, preparing the master- and business plans, executing baseline assessments, coordination of the building process, developing and executing vocational training for future employees, to developing marketing and communication plans.

Brand development

It’s not just our passion to change the world with family edutainment and happiness. It’s what drives us. That’s why GreenDreamCompany develops brands in order to become a star player in the Family Entertainment Sector. Find out more about our brand Ubuntopia®

Some of our current partners:


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