How to become an Ubuntopia® Park

Are you a developer, an investor, or local entrepreneur? Would you like to transform your area into an exciting destination like a cultural experience park, but you don’t know where to start or don’t have the right knowledge? Please read on…

Cultural Experience Park - Heritage-orientated theme park | GreenDreamCompany

Our constructions will transform a (semi) rural area or a leisure and tourism site such as a hotel and zoo expansion, playground or day attraction into a bustling, urban hotspot.
We proudly present you our franchise brand Ubuntopia®, including all necessary services, to create your own Cultural Experience Park within the shortest possible timeframe!

This brand follows the steps as the proven business model of Disney: it starts with characters and (historical) stories, we transform these into books and book adoptions. Then, once a movie becomes a hit, we offer licensing rights that allow sustainable manufacturers to use Ubuntopia’s characters on their products. Finally, families can relive the magic of Ubuntopia movies at Cultural Experience Parks. Perhaps your area has the potential to become part of this franchise chain.

Please click on the document “Becoming an Ubuntopia Park”, to browse through our brochure that guides you through the process.

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