I exist because of We

The African Ubuntu- philosophy ‘I exist because of We’ is the essence of our existence. In our in-house team, in our leadership and our management but also in collaboration with other parties we practice Ubuntu.

This means we strive to work as a close and solid community. We value unifying leadership, see diversity as a richness, we prefer open dialogues instead of formal meetings. We value honesty and transparency and celebrate success together. Sustainability is the focus of every project. These values always form our starting point and are written in an Ubuntu Code of Conduct.

We work on a diversity of projects, productions, and brands within the four business departments. These departments complement each other and cover the whole range of tasks, necessary to deliver a total customer satisfaction & happiness:

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With 15 years of leisure and tourism experience in upcoming markets, we develop and manage inclusive brands within the family entertainment sector. Webring together the heterogeneous and complementary expert teams around the projects, the right team for the right project. We call them our DreamTeams.Therefore, only when this ‘We’ is created and the right team is compiled, the projects can be successfully executed.

Based on our experiences on the African continent, we developed and manage the brand Ubuntopia®. We offer project and program management and guide the franchisees within every step they need to take. We team up with the local professional team of the Ubuntopia- franchisee and organize what is further needed to reach the Ubuntopia Standards. From feasibility study, primary designs of attractions and buildings, the training of the local Ubuntopia Park team, up to the IT systems, certifications of attractions and marketing etc.


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Africa has an enormous treasure of oral narrative art that is in danger of being lost. Because of the digital age, the new generations do not pass their (oral)stories through. Cultural stories and wisdom will disappear. For this reason, we want to conserve the old stories and legends and connect this with the need for entertainment within upcoming markets in a modern and exciting way. Nowadays, GreenDreamWorks works on the translation of developing characters, stories, and legends, based on mythology and history into (animated) films, games, and other new media products based on the trend: Characters and stories become movies and series, movies and series become exciting attractions and themed merchandise.

With our characters, stories, productions, and services, we support the House of Creation of Ubuntopia® our family entertainment brand.


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For the purpose of providing vocational training to local staff and future employees, GreenDreamAcademy was established in 2013. Rather than employing foreign staff, the academy focusses on training people on-site in order to facilitate the largest possible impact in the areas we work in. This training does not only help to ensure a quality standard in our projects but also socially and economically empowers a large group of people. In addition, the academy has established partnerships with educational institutions, governments, NGO’s and local communities, all to gather the best knowledge and expertise on these subjects.



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The GreenDreamFoundation was established in 2005 to encourage initiatives by local people in upcoming markets, mostly focussing on education, health or entrepreneurship. The foundation supported local communities in the surrounding areas of GreenDreamCompany’s projects.

Nowadays, the foundation has the status of Corporate Foundation: the focus is on lab-development to support the development of tourism and entertainment industry in upcoming markets.

For this transition, in 2019 GreenDreamFoundation received the NGO Global Award for Leadership & Excellence.



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Both shareholders of GreenDreamCompany have established a separate company in The Netherlands for organizing (blended) funding for all productions within the Ubuntopia brand.



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To guaranty the standards, GreenDreamCompany cooperates with strategic partnerships, based on the GreenSquare model. The GreenDreamPartners are companies, educational institutions and other stakeholders that share the values of GreenDreamCompany. These partners each have their own expertise and are strategically deployed in our various project teams called DreamTeams.

Int. Private Sector: From media production houses, design companies, advisory companies, architects, marketing & communication companies, distribution companies, sustainability experts, financial institutes, up to tourism entrepreneurs, etc.

Int. Educational Institutes: From vocational training institutes in hospitality up to Leisure and Tourism Universities.

Int. NGO’s: From international NGO’s up to local NGO’s who have knowledge of the local situation. Both are important during development process but also to monitor sustainable development goals later in the process.

Local, regional and national government: From ministries of cultural heritage, urban planning, tourism development up to local government, the government is a valued stakeholder.



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