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The mantra ‘I exist because of we’ is the essence of our existence. The ‘I’, in our case refers to the core team of experienced project managers, anthropologists, communication specialists and strategic partnerships advisors. This team develops the project plans and also compiles the right team for the project. Therefore, only when this ‘we’ is created and the right team is compiled, the projects can be successfully executed.

  • GreenDreamGroup
  • Various partnerships and supporting entities were established to facilitate GreenDreamCompany’s activities. These partnerships and entities complement each other and are strategically deployed, depending on their expertise and the tasks assigned.

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  • Meet our team

    ‘Our wish: to create 10.000 jobs and facilitate the meeting of cultures!’

    Leontine van Hooft

    CEO, Co-founder, Creative Director
    Leon zw-w2
    ‘Sustainable area development, which is what we do, leads to new forms of value creation’

    Leon van Rijckevorsel

    CFO, Co-founder, Finance & Investments
    Ton kemp team photo
    ''Making a difference in the travelworld. My passion for marketing  is fueled by the inspiration of the GreenDreamCompany team''

    Ton Kemp

    ''creating real impact in the world by working in a industry that I love''

    Kirsten Scholma

    Eventmarketing, communication and PR
    Kyra Weerts
    ''I have a passion for sustainable tourism''

    Kyra Weerts

    Program Manager, Area Development East-Africa

    Sophie van Rijckevorsel

    Albertien Perdok team photo

    Albertien Perdok

    Sustainable Development tourism and nature
    Foto: Andreas Terlaak

    Robrecht Baving

    Crowdmanagement Education & Safety
    Peter van der Pijl team photo

    Peter van der Pijl

    Cost Engineer, Financial feasibility

    Henk Gravestein

    Advisor Port Developments

    Lianne Dijkstra

    CSR specialist, Impact Assesments
    Jean Claude team photo

    Jean Claude Ngumire

    Artist, Visualiser, Illustrator
    Annemarie team photo

    Annemarie Eltink

    Accountancy and

    The GreenDreamFoundation was established in 2005 to encourage initiatives by local people in upcoming markets, mostly focussing on education, health or entrepreneurship. However, our founders observed a need for sustainable economic development rather than aid, and decided to start a business which resulted in the emergence of GreenDreamCompany. The foundation is currently used to support local communities in the surrounding areas of GreenDreamCompany’s projects. It focuses on issues not necessarily related to the company’s’ practices but helps to built a strong, committed and knowledgeable community in the project areas.

    More detailed information can be found on www.greendreamfoundation.nl

    For the purpose of providing vocational training to local staff and future employees, GreenDreamAcademy was established in 2013. Rather than employing foreign staff, the academy focusses on training people on-site in order to facilitate the largest possible impact in the areas we work in. This training does not only help to ensure a quality standard in our projects but also socially and economically empowers a large group of people. In addition, the academy has established partnerships with educational institutions, governments, NGO’s and local communities, all to gather the best knowledge and expertise on these subjects.

    More detailed information can be found on www.greendreamacademy.com

    In order to facilitate all mass communication and promotion of GreenDreamCompany’s activities, GreenDreamWorks was established. Consequently it publishes (english) books, films, games and new media products.

    The GreenDreamPartners are companies, educational institutions and other stakeholders that share the values of GreenDreamCompany and see the importance of these values. These partners each have their own expertise and are strategically deployed in various project teams. 


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