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Imagine… transforming a cultural, natural or tourism site into a meaningful Cultural Experience Park…

How to tell your countries legends with a Cultural Experience Park?

Many countries are ready to grow and diversify their tourism sector for both domestic and foreign tourists. A theme park could be an impactful option. It can benefit a country tremendously if done right. A theme park can increase tourist numbers, create jobs, grow sectors, stimulate the raw materials, manufacturing and service industries, and transform its environs through area development. A theme park has the potential to become a significant GDP contributor!

A theme park is different from an amusement park. While both have attractions like games and rides, a theme park has a strong storytelling element based on a central theme. It creates an immersive experience and consequently remains attractive from generation to generation.

But GreenDreamCompany takes it a notch further: our expertise for tourism diversification lies in drawing inspiration from (intangible) cultural heritage regarding the country in question. We transform legends, traditions and values full of history and wisdom into hi-tech tourism attractions with an overall package of theming, captivating storytelling and immersive experiences. Together we preserve them from dying out and keep them alive in a future-proof way that touches the current and next generations. We proudly call this product Cultural Experience Park.

We believe it is essential that our products are climate-positive and contribute to the Paris declaration on climate change.

Our services

The realisation of a Cultural Experience Park is a major impactful project that requires multiple disciplines, knowledge and sectors. Therefore, one party can’t realise a project of this size. Therefore, GreenDreamCompany offers a holistic approach by building consortiums. We partner with over 20 European companies, institutes, and brands in which we bring together an international network, expertise and innovation. But just as important are the corporations with knowledge transfers to local companies in the creative and tourism sector.

Through our program management, partners with the right knowledge will form a team to realise the park from the strategic phase until the realisation and operation phase.

In the Netherlands, the Creative Industry has become a top sector. It has a yearly turnover of €45,8 billion and an added value of €14 billion. Our expertise, however, reaches further than building consortiums. We also assist in projects where the following knowledge is needed:

  • Repurposing and revitalising national parks, heritage sites and tourist areas
  • Concept & brand development
  • Community development & social innovation

Our services range from:

  • Providing quick scans
  • Executing baseline assessments
  • Preparing feasibility studies
  • Preparing the master- and business plans
  • Support in choosing the business model(s)
  • Facilitating local partnerships and community involvement
  • Selecting local stories and transforming them into possible attractions
  • Managing the process of design and development of attraction
  • Coordinating the development process
  • Developing and coordinating vocational training for future employees
  • Organising certifications of attractions
  • Creating marketing and communication plans

It is possible to purchase the services separately.

Our expertise Cultural Experience Park - GreenDreamCompany

Need our expertise?

Through our knowledge, partnerships and well-developed network, we make sure to compose the right team to successfully fulfil the tasks within our expertise. These tasks can be self-imposed or upon request. Feel free to contact us about the possibilities.

Next Steps

Get a first impression of the potential with the Baseline Assesment Quick Scan.
Then dril dieper into the data and prepare for investors with a Feasiblity Study. Or folow our MasterClass themepark development.

Contact us to transform your cultural stories into a Cultural Experience Park or become part of the Ubuntopia® Park chain!

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