Our Story

We are an international enterprise dedicated to create meaningful edutainment brands that inspire cultural experiences. At our core, we believe that promoting understanding of our heritage and culture leads to a more tolerant and inclusive society.

Our three connected business segments include:

  • establishing Social Brands
  • creating Content- & Media Licenses
  • developing Cultural Experience Parks & Attractions

Our uniqueness lies in our blend of educational products and services that integrate cultural learning with Ubuntu philosophy, tailored for current and future leaders, and delivered through an innovative edutainment approach that makes learning enjoyable and interactive.

Our Nautilus Business Model

GDC nautilus

Over the years, we have developed our own business model. We call it the Nautilus Business Model, meaning that we follow the line of a Nautilus shell. In the core, we start with a character, the character becomes a storyline, the storyline becomes a book, a series, a theatre show, a game, a theme park attraction and so on.

Our Nautilus Business Model consists of the following successive phases:

Publishing Content, Creating Books, Series, Films and Video Content, Online Content, Music, Shows, Merchandise & Licencing, Themepark experiences & Franchising, Hospitality Education, Area Development, Destination Marketing, etc., etc.

Find out more about our values we apply in al our projects!

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