Solomon’s Hidden Treasures®

A chain of resorts from North to South Africa, along the mythical route of King Solomon, on his search for knowledge and wealth.

Solomon's hidden treasures

Solomon’s Hidden Treasures will become a strong Brand for a chain of resorts on the African continent, sharing the same values about preserving the natural beauty, meeting different cultures and being a guarantee for a fantastic (family) holiday, congress and/or event.

The base of the Brand

King Solomon travelled all over Africa and other parts of the world; to form political alliances, marry foreign princesses and visit his goldmines… or so the legend goes…

Today, Africa is still a continent of storytelling.

This is why GreenDreamCompany puts a spotlight on Solomon’s African travel destinations as a brand. Here for, we introduce a unique formula in the leisure and tourism sector:

  • by developing tourism resorts in Africa based on the local royal architecture & tradition;
  • by using the principles of People, Planet, Profit, Pleasure and Passion;
  • by facilitating ‘inclusive entrepreneurship’ and creating value;
  • by connecting cultures.


We develop and realize new resorts on the mythical route and give existing resort-owners the possibility of upgrading their accommodation into a Solomon’s Hidden Treasure.
The franchise formula Solomon’s Hidden Treasures increases the quality and reliability of the affiliated companies and reduces several risks for her tourists.

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