Vocational training for experience parks

Vocational training is a supercharger for destination development

It is our aim to use area destination development (with a cultural experience park) as a driver for local job creation and economic growth. Vocational training is an important requirement for all this to happen.

The GreenDreamCompany develops en implements vocational training with local partners

The process starts with gaining insight in the knowledge gaps. Based on the knowledge gap we advise organizations on possible training development programs to meet the local needs.

The next step is the development and implementation of the customized training formats. The aim is to identify, assess and develop the value chains necessary for the development of businesses and people. A professional and committed approach to establish these reliable chains is very important. Vocational training is developed with local partners.

Tailor made and onsite capacity building means strengthening the abilities, knowledge and skills of individuals to improve their living standards and opportunities for the future. GreenDreamCompany offers you tailor made vocational training on your location as part of our holistic approach.

Our wheel of approach for vocational training.
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