How can Tourism create impact?

Creating real impact through Tourism

According to an Oxford Analytics study, tourism is a big contributor to worldwide employment, providing one out of every 11 jobs. Furthermore, it can bring together a diverse community of small businesses and service providers such as food suppliers, tour guides and landscapers. In a video from the IFC (international Finance Cooperation) it is explained how a hotel can form the source of impact for an entire region. As GreenDreamCompany we believe that this is a perfect example of how tourism, not only hotels, can create impact in new and upcoming markets in the world.


Creating a hotel or a touristic site does not only create new jobs, it can also add value to the local infrastructure of a region. New roads are needed to make the location accessible, but this does not mean that these roads are only useful for tourists coming to the hotel. As perfectly said in the video: ‘’the effects go beyond the hotel itself.’’ These roads can also be used by local suppliers, making it easier to reach villages and farms. The jobs provided by a hotel or tourism destination are not just for people to make money, it can also function as the development of skills. This means: really investing in staff by giving training and education. So that: ‘’a cook can become a chef’’. It is all about increasing the standards.

All the opportunities above are perfect examples of values that we like to call: Social and Economic. At GreenDreamCompany we add two other values in our projects: Ecological and Inspirational. Reshaping the local infrastructure is not only about establishing new roads, we also want to restore the landscape and create an ecosystem where we re-use materials, care about water and energy use and set standards for waste disposal. Lastly we want to create experiences and entertain people through cultural heritage and storytelling. We want to make people feel connected to each other.

So no, a hotel is not just a place to sleep…

Source: International Finance Cooperation

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