What is a Cultural Experience Park?

Showcase the unique and diverse culture of your country with a Ubuntopia® Cultural Experience Park

What is a Cultural Experience Park?

A Cultural Experience Park is a type of theme park that is designed to showcase and celebrate the culture, history, and traditions of a particular region or country. These parks typically feature a range of attractions and exhibits that allow visitors to immerse themselves in the local culture, folk tales transformed into attractions, traditional music and dance performances, and exciting educational experiences. A cultural experience park creates an immersive experience and consequently remains attractive from generation to generation.


The impact of Cultural Experience Parks can be significant, both for the tourism industry and for the local communities where these parks are located. These parks can provide a major boost to the local economy, creating jobs and generating revenue through tourism. They can also help to promote and preserve local cultures and traditions, which can be particularly important in regions where these traditions are at risk of being lost or forgotten.


In addition, Cultural Experience Parks can be a powerful tool for education and entertainment, allowing visitors from around the world and domestic tourists to learn about the local stories, culture and traditions. By providing a platform for conserving cultural heritage and understanding, these parks can help promote tolerance and respect for diversity, which can positively impact society as a whole.


Transforming a rural location into a top-tourism destination generates instant benefits and values for local communities, landowners, investors, and developers.

Ubuntopia® Cultural Experience Park

Our expertise for tourism diversification lies in drawing inspiration from (intangible) cultural heritage regarding the country in question. We transform legends, traditions and values full of history and wisdom into hi-tech tourism attractions with an overall package of theming, captivating storytelling and immersive experiences. Unique to our approach, these attractions can be experienced through the eyes of our Ubuntopia® Intellectual Property (IP) characters, adding a layer of engagement and personal connection to the experience. Together we preserve them from dying out and keep them alive in a future-proof way that touches the current and next generations.

What does is take to create a Ubuntopia® Cultural Experience park?

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