Why a Country Should Build a Cultural Experience Park

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Bringing Cultural Benefits

A cultural experience park (heritage-orientated theme park) has the potential to create an interactive environment that allows visitors to learn about the history and culture of a region. It serves as an educational tool and helps to bridge gaps between different cultures, providing knowledge about different countries’ customs, traditions, and beliefs. This type of park also provides an opportunity for people from different backgrounds to come together in one place and become more familiar with each other’s cultures. A cultural experience park is beneficial for both locals and tourists alike as it provides them with an immersive cultural experience.

Boosting Tourism

With the right marketing strategies in place, a cultural experience park can help attract more tourists to the area. Having such a park will help boost tourism revenue as well as create jobs for local businesses. Additionally, it gives tourists an opportunity to explore something new while learning about their destination’s culture at the same time. This type of attraction helps make the city or region more attractive and desirable for travelers, which can increase its popularity on a global scale.

Economic Opportunities

Having a cultural experience park can provide many economic opportunities for the country or region where it is located. Building such a park requires investment from multiple stakeholders including local governments, private sector companies, nonprofits, etc., which means that there will be new job opportunities created in construction and development fields. Furthermore, once completed this type of attraction will generate additional income through ticket sales as well as additional revenue from food vendors, souvenir shops, etc., thus contributing positively to the economy of the region or country where it is located.


Investing in building a cultural experience park can bring numerous benefits on many levels – not only does it provide valuable education about other cultures but it also boosts tourism and offers economic opportunities for locals businesses by creating jobs and generating revenue through ticket sales and other related activities. For all these reasons politicians should consider investing in building such parks so their citizens have access to such valuable experiences while helping boost their economy at the same time.

Our Expertise – Cultural Experience Park

Our expertise for tourism diversification lies in drawing inspiration from (intangible) cultural heritage regarding the country in question. We transform legends, traditions and values full of history and wisdom into hi-tech tourism attractions with an overall package of theming, captivating storytelling and immersive experiences. Together we preserve them from dying out and keep them alive in a future-proof way that touches the current and next generations. We proudly call this product Cultural Experience Park.

We believe it is essential that our products are climate-positive and contribute to the Paris declaration on climate change.

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