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Grow your business by growing your people: Training and education programs

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GreenDreamCompany helps to grow your business by growing your people.

When managing and facilitating projects, we make sure the social context is always actively considered. We can facilitate local support and community involvement which are important for successful project development. When developing projects we take an area approach.

This means that through local sourcing, the establishment of local partnerships and ventures we create a new economic heart for an area. Furthermore, with the development of vocational training tailored to local circumstances, we improve the level of service offered in the tourism and leisure industry (including our own projects).

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Masterclass Themepark Development

Our Executive Masterclass on Theme Park Development provides you with the right knowledge on how and why to start a theme park.
More on our Masterclass Themapark Development and how to become an Ubuntopia Park.

Vocational training programs

Training for staff and managers  to ensure a smooth operation

Community Development and social innovation

We offer tailor made development programms dfor communities like Citymarketing focused on tourism development.
These programms use Ubuntu philosophy as a basic structure. This can be on the job training, or train the trainer programms.

Ubuntopia Brand program

Exclusively global training program for the Ubuntopia® brand to support its Park- Franchisees.
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