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A new website for GreenDreamCompany!

The last few weeks our team has worked very hard towards a new and improved website. This website has a totally new look and provides more information on Our challenge (what are we working on?) our Ubuntu philosophy (what drives us in our work?) and furthermore we explain which different types of Value we strive to create within our projects.

In ‘I exist because of we’ you are able to meet Our team (I) and explain how we work together with partners and supporting entities in our GreenDreamGroup (We). To give you a better idea of what we are doing in our projects we explain in Our solutions how our expertise can give solutions to broad challenges and invite you to contact us with your challenge! In our portfolio we give you an insight into the projects that we work on. Have a look!

Of course we also would like everybody to be able to stay up to date. In our news updates we share information on our company and in our column a GreenDream’s Perspective we give you our view on trends and developments in the leisure and tourism industry.

Do you feel inspired? Sign up for our news updates and make sure to follow us on our journey!

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A GreenDream’s perspective: will the robot serve your breakfast?

The NHTV, with 50 years of experience in leisure and tourism and being recognised as the third World Leisure Centre of Excellence by the World Leisure Organization has got something to celebrateAnd they shared the new trends with the Industry.

NHTV is one of the educational institutes we work with on Future trends in tourism and leisure according to NHTVseveral international projects and with consultancy assignments within the industry. Students know how to find us. Our GreenDreamAcademy has NHTV represented within the board. Cooperation works from both ways, sometimes we give guest lecturers or we support as industry examiner. A win-win, so reasons enough to celebrate and feel happy together.

Are you ready for the future?

This was the question of the keynote speaker of the industry Day: Richard van Hooijdonk, trend watcher and futurist. He offered us an inspiring lecture on how technology impacts the way we live, work and do business. His statement, and I think he is right, is that everything is connected to the internet of things. With the question: ‘’are you ready for the future?” he showed the audience what we should keep in mind, concerning our future.

Within ten years we will have technology implemented within our body: opening your door and starting your car. Keys will disappear. We will have printed medicine and brain chips that control the memory.

Within the leisure sector he predicts a lot of robot technology taking over jobs. This is how it will look like in the future.

Imagine a human lookalike robot at your dinner table

No waitress, but a robot asking: ’How do you prefer your steak madam?’

Or: ‘You appreciated the Merlot last time sir, do you like it again?’ Or a warm smiling beautiful robot at the reception desk, welcoming you at your check in, making a photo of your eye: the key to your room.

It is not a game over, but IT will definitely change the game forever. It will create new business models. Traditional jobs will disappear but new ones based on technology will enter the sector. Wow, the keynote speaker was left without questions from the audience. But you could hear the industry thinking….

Other insights, new games

Besides the keynote speaker, NHTV offered the industry several signature lectures this afternoon, all inspired by technology. Here are some quotes to give you an impression of the future of leisure and tourism:

‘We are on the way to an economy of models’.
‘Imagine, with virtual reality you can go on holiday 20 times before booking via ‘.
‘With one million bookings a year, Airbnb is, with no real estate, bigger then Hilton’
‘Small is the new big: start ups do outsourcing, so cooperate within partnerships’
‘Start-ups, also within leisure, will change the world’
‘Change is the constant factor’


The wakeup call: The future has started

What I have realised in the last years is that the sector indeed is looking too much inside its own compact world instead of ahead.  They are too busy with running their daily business. When the weather is good, open the terrace and put the chairs outside. If not, wait for the sun. But we must prepare for the future!

I like the idea of trend watching. As a trend watcher for business development and as developer of curriculum. Would that make us less surprised about the success of business concepts like Airbnb?

Bleep, here’s your breakfast Madame

I do not know what to think of a robot serving my breakfast. It feels strange. And within our inclusive approach we want to create real jobs for real people.  But I do know that we should have an open mind about how to shape the future of leisure and tourism industry. We are open for new and good value driven ideas and projects that will make our work better and the impact of our work bigger.

A GreenDream’s perspective: the impact of going wild!

Safari Park Beekse Bergen in The Netherlands reaches the next level in creating experiences, by introducing The Safari Resort,  that is clear. With 239 lodges, safari tents and tree houses planned, the experience you get being a guest comes as close to a real African safari experience as you might expect, from a safari park situated in The Netherlands. A great possibility for those who cannot explore a real safari in Africa. A wake up call between elephants and lions is quite an experience. Also for the animals, by the way!

Safari resort experience

Libéma, owner of the Beekse Bergen announced that the expansion of the Safari park will generate at least 400 new jobs, mainly for animal care and green maintenance, but also for cleaning and catering. And that is great news for lots of local people. However, Safari Park Beekse Bergen is not the only park that contributes to social economic development.

Efteling, the most famous Dutch theme park, once started as an upgrading initiative of the mayor’s wife, from a simple playground nearby a café, to creating social economic development. She noticed lots of unemployed men and wanted to offer them something to do, but also an opportunity for a better future for their families. Nowadays Efteling is a big catalyst for socio-economic development. Even on a winter day, six hundred to seven hundred people are needed to manor the attractions and restaurants.

The importance of fun, funny business

And this goes much further than creating direct jobs. A complete industry of supporting ventures, creative industry and education programs have been developed because of this kind of leisure initiatives.

Travelling around Europa Park in Germany you can see a complete visible and lively industry in housing, hotels, Air B&B’s, etc. in all the neighbouring villages. Lots of people earn an income because of the crazy initiative of a German family, who started Europa Park, to create a demonstration showcase for their fabrication of rollercoaster’s. Imagine…!

That brought us the crazy idea….

What if, we as GreenDreamCompany, with our experience on inclusive and sustainable leisure concepts, our passion for new and upcoming markets, with our knowledge of sustainability, heritage, and storytelling and our knowledge of the African culture, would develop a huge leisure concept, meant for rural development?

On one hand it would bring extraordinary experiences and cultural knowledge to the international guests and to local and regional visitors. On the other hand it would be an impressive catalyst for social economic development. Leisure parks do have a proven track record. Implementing it on the African continent, would generate thousands of jobs….

Solomon's Hidden Treasures brandSolomon’s Hidden Treasures®

Solomon’s Hidden Treasures® is a new and multi value driven brand, developed by GreenDreamCompany, especially focussed on the African continent.  Aiming to create inspirational, economical, ecological and social value. A brand that will bring meaningful experiences to all involved.  Situated nearby capital, national parks and lakes, the brand brings African legends and amazing stories alive in a modern and trilling way. The brand contains Cultural, Natural en Nautical Experience Parks. The launch will be in Rwanda. Yes. Rwanda: The country of thousand hills and millions of smiles. Others to follow….

The mayor’s wife was not that crazy….!

Do you want to follow or journey or want to share your experience? We would love to hear from you! Or are you inspired to contribute by investing in impact? Contact Ubuntu Impact Investments  to hear about the possibilities. Are you a philanthropist, an Africa lover or interested in developments in the leisure and tourism industry? You are all invited to be part of this interesting and extraordinary journey. Follow our company on our website and to follow every step of our brand you can visit Solomon’s Hidden Treasures.

Super Achiever Award for GreenDreamCompany

CEO and co-founder of GreenDreamCompany, Leontine van Hooft, was honoured to receive a Super Achiever Award in the sector Leisure, Hospitality & Tourism at the World Women Leadership congress on the 17th of February 2017 in Mumbai, India.

GreenDreamCompany is receiving the Sector Super Achiever Award in the category ‘Multi Value Driven Organisation’. The company is specialised in tourism infrastructure projects. The ventures and projects that the company is working on are based on 4 values: Inspirational, Economical, Ecological and Social. GreenDreamCompany has left behind many famous international organisations and brands from the sector during the awards ceremony in India.

‘Like a Lion on the move!’

Leontine van Hooft: ‘’We are very proud of the recognition of our innovative, inclusive and key turning approach within the sector. Together with our DreamTeam we have worked very hard for this and now we are ready to scale up’’

The sector of Leisure, Hospitality and Tourism is clearly looking for new ways and possibilities to connect to the demand of this changing times. By declaring the year 2017 the year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, by the UNWTO (United National World Tourism Organisation), recognition is finally received for the impact that this sector has and can make as a game changer and catalyst for area development. Thereby the sector also carries the responsibility for creating healthy environments.

GreenDreamCompany has been active in (African and East European) new and upcoming markets for almost 10 years. The company has expanded their services and activities towards Western Europe in 2016.

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New website and logo for Ubuntu Impact Investments

The team of our private investment company Ubuntu Impact Investments (UII) has worked very hard to introduce a new website.  On this website you can find information on the following topics:

  • What is the story about Ubuntu Impact Investment?
  • Portfolio: what are we working on?
  • Impact investing: how does it work?
  • Trends and developments in the markets that UII is focussing on.

Explore the new website here. 

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How can Tourism create impact?

Creating real impact through Tourism

According to an Oxford Analytics study, tourism is a big contributor to worldwide employment, providing one out of every 11 jobs. Furthermore, it can bring together a diverse community of small businesses and service providers such as food suppliers, tour guides and landscapers. In a video from the IFC (international Finance Cooperation) it is explained how a hotel can form the source of impact for an entire region. As GreenDreamCompany we believe that this is a perfect example of how tourism, not only hotels, can create impact in new and upcoming markets in the world.

Creating a hotel or a touristic site does not only create new jobs, it can also add value to the local infrastructure of a region. New roads are needed to make the location accessible, but this does not mean that these roads are only useful for tourists coming to the hotel. As perfectly said in the video: ‘’the effects go beyond the hotel itself.’’ These roads can also be used by local suppliers, making it easier to reach villages and farms. The jobs provided by a hotel or tourism destination are not just for people to make money, it can also function as the development of skills. This means: really investing in staff by giving training and education. So that: ‘’a cook can become a chef’’. It is all about increasing the standards.

All the opportunities above are perfect examples of values that we like to call: Social and Economic. At GreenDreamCompany we add two other values in our projects: Ecological and Inspirational. Reshaping the local infrastructure is not only about establishing new roads, we also want to restore the landscape and create an ecosystem where we re-use materials, care about water and energy use and set standards for waste disposal. Lastly we want to create experiences and entertain people through cultural heritage and storytelling. We want to make people feel connected to each other.

So no, a hotel is not just a place to sleep…

Source: International Finance Cooperation

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News update GreenDreamCompany Summer 2016

It has been a while since you have heard from us. But we have been busy! We feel like we are playing chess on 5 boards simultaneously.

With this news update we would like to catch up with you.

In this update we like to share information on:

  • Our latest projects in Rwanda, under the brand Solomon’s Hidden Treasures
  • Our investment company Ubuntu Impact Investments
  • Our Academy for vocational training GreenDreamAcademy
  • Vacancies

World Class Leisure & Hospitality

GreenDreamCompany works as an incubator for the development of the leisure & hospitality industry in upcoming African countries.

We execute a breakthrough brand role out: “Solomon’s Hidden Treasures”.

The Brand of Family Villages and Cultural Experience Parks (theme-parks) will be launched in Rwanda and Ethiopia with plans for growth into 14 East African countries.

GreenDreamCompany takes care of concept- and project development, marketing & communication, sales & merchandizing and organizes the operation by franchising.

Impact entrepreneurship
We aim to develop world class tourism destinations in emerging markets in Africa. Our goal is to create a new economic heart in a region; one of the most effective ways to reduce poverty. This means creating local impact, employment, partnering with schools and universities and contributing to better supply-chains. And life changing experiences for our guests.

Introducing Solomon’s Hidden Treasures Rwanda: Family holiday villages and cultural theme park

GreenDreamCompany introduces the world to a magnificent legend about magic, adventure and romance:

Solomon’s Hidden Treasures

Logo Solomon's Hidden Treasures

King Solomon travelled all over Africa and beyond: to form political alliances, marry foreign princesses and visit his goldmines… or so the story goes. It is said that stories give us all a better understanding of the world.
Today, GreenDreamCompany puts a spotlight on the African destinations in the stories of King Solomon by introducing a unique combined formula of leisure and hospitality in those locations.

We proudly present you: Solomon’s Hidden Treasures Rwanda.

Follow our brand’s journey here.

Introducing Ubuntu Impact investments

GreenDreamCompany also performs the management of Ubuntu Impact Investments: the investment company which invests in the growth of Solomon’s Hidden Treasures.

Ubuntu Impact Investment company




More information about Ubuntu Impact Investments can be found here.

Introducing GreenDreamAcademyVocational training for leisure and hospitality

Logo GreenDreamAcademy

GreenDreamAcademy develops and implements vocational trainning as a supercharger for tourism destination development and is set up to support Solomons Hidden Treasures.

Participating in our DreamTeam?
Wish to make your Green Dreams come true?

We believe GreenDreamCompany and our brand Solomon’s Hidden Treasures  deserve the best quality and creativity there is! Therefore we work with the best experts and expert companies.

Do you think your expertise could make us even more complete? Become part of our team.

Want to cooperate as a company or organisation? Become a partner.


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In the media: Dutch firms explore investment opportunities in tourism sector (Rwanda)

Representatives of several Dutch companies interested in the tourism sector visited Rwanda in January 2016 to identify viable investment opportunities.

New Times, January 24, 2016


Representatives of several Dutch companies interested in the tourism sector are in Rwanda to identify viable investment opportunities.

The companies, led by GreenDreamCompany, a Dutch group that specializes in sustainable area development of natural and cultural heritage sites with the use of tourism, arrived on Wednesday intent on staying for a week.

The trade mission comes a week after local industry operators again showcased Rwanda’s vast tourism potential during a week-long tourism fair Vakantiebeurs 2016 in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Read the full news article of the New Times here.

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Establishment of Ubuntu Impact Investments

After almost 10 years of doing business in Africa the founders of GreenDreamCompany have decided to establish Ubuntu Impact Investments: an impact investment company in the leisure & tourism industry, focused on emerging markets and with an innovative and sustainable investment model.

Promoting economic growth by financing private sector initiatives
Ubuntu Impact Investments will finance private sector initiatives that promote economic growth and long-term employment, or that provide aid to the society or improve quality of life.

Please visit for more information.

“Looking to sustain and increase growth, tourism can be harnessed through joint public and private sector efforts to achieve growth, wealth creation and shared prosperity.”

Gaiv Tata – Director of Financial and Private Sector Development for the World Bank in Africa

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Own website for GreenDreamAcademy

GreenDreamAcademy now has it’s own website!

Logo GreenDreamAcademy

We are proud to introduce you to:

Since 2013 GreenDreamAcademy  develops and implements vocational training in new and upcoming markets.

As GreenDreamCompany the aim of GreenDreamAcademy is to use tourism destination development as a driver for local job creation and economic growth as well as poverty reduction. Capacity building is an important requirement for all this to happen.

Within the development of tourism destinations GreenDreamAcademy recognizes major challenges when it comes to sustainable, good standard and reliable tourism supply and value chains. The GDA’s aim is to identify, assess and develop the value chains necessary for the development of tourism destinations. Having sustainable, good standard and reliable tourism supply and value chains, in new and upcoming markets, is a necessity to realize this development. At the same time these ‘chains’ form a challenge. In early stages of tourism project development it is important to identify the different chains of the project necessary to successfully realize a sustainable development of the project and area in which it is developed. It needs a professional and committed approach to establish these reliable chains.

Tailor made and onsite Capacity building means strengthening the abilities, knowledge and skills of individuals to improve their living standards and opportunities for the future. Unfortunately, in upcoming markets, an education on tourism and hospitality is not physically within reach of everybody. Besides the physical distance to education, gaps between knowledge supply and demand exist.
GreenDreamAcademy offers you tailor made education on your location.

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