Baseline Assessment: Quick Scan with online consult

Transforming your cultural, natural or tourist heritage site or hotel into a cultural experience park that can become a significant GDP contributor and an interesting business model!

Are you dreaming of bringing a Cultural Experience Park to your country?

Take the first step: the Quick Scan

The first step is a Quick Scan – Baseline Assessment. It is a survey to map the local context and to gain a comprehensive understanding. Questions are: Do you already have an idea of a concept? Is land already available? Are there already stakeholders? etc. There is no right or wrong in this survey. It is about creating an overview of current conditions and wishes. The filled in Quick Scan document is the foundation for an online consultation.

Please download the Quick Scan form below, complete the required fields, and return the form as instructed. Upon receipt of your completed form, you will be contacted to arrange an online consultation.

Together we can realize your dream!

theme park quick scan form

Possible next step – Masterclass or Feasibility study

Upon completion of the Quick Scan Survey, a potential follow-up opportunity is the participation in the Masterclass Cultural Experience Park Development (which includes a visit to the Netherlands), followed by a Feasibility Study. The study will involve an in-depth investigation within the country to identify potential locations, stakeholders, and assess resource availability. This process will be carried out in collaboration with a suitable local partner.

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