Baseline assessment: a Quick Scan with online consult

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Transforming your cultural, natural or tourist heritage site or hotel into a cultural theme park that can become a significant GDP contributor and an interesting business model!

We call it  “Cultural Experience Park”

Our Cultural Experience Park is a theme park with a strong storytelling element based on a country’s history, legends and heroes. We conserve these stories from getting lost through exciting theme park attractions in a way that appeals to the next generations.

Are you dreaming of bringing a Cultural Experience Park to your country?

A first step: do the Quick Scan

The purpose of this Quick Scan is to get a clear picture of the local situation and to determine the starting position of a proposed (Cultural) Experience Park. The answers to this questionnaire can never be wrong. They only describe the current situation and basic ideas.

Next steps can be a feasibility study and developing a business plan.
This complete Quick Scan document is the basis and starting point for an online consult.

So, download the Quick Scan form here, fill it in, send it back and be contacted for an online consult.

Together we can realize your dream!

theme park quick scan form

Possible next step – Masterclass or Feasibility study

A possible next step after the Quick Scan Survey is a Masterclass Themepark Development (with visit to the Netehrlands) and a Feasability Study where we will conduct an in-country investigation to determine possible locations, potential stakeholders and gauge resource availability.  This will be done in cooperation with a suitable local partner.